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O celular deles é o seu cardápio agora!

A plataforma mais completa para menu digital QR

Uma plataforma multi services menu e qr code



Crie sem menu digital

Crie seu cardápio em nossa plataforma e atualize a qualquer momento

  • Mudanças em tempo real
  • Organize em categorias
  • Extras e variantes de itens
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Crie QR para mesas

8 designs diferentes, opções de cores ilimitadas. Escolha o estilo de seu QR.

  • Beautiful QR Styles
  • Pick QR color
  • Imprima modelos de menu
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Pedidos pelo whatsapp

Agora seus visitantes usarão a câmera do celular para acessar seu menu.

  • Não é necessário app móvel
  • Menu online super rápido -
  • Um PDV bem completo
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Accept local orders

Your customers can order direclty from their phone

  • Real-time sound notifications
  • Continues orders
  • Unlimited options, variants, and extras
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Accept payments

Your customers can pay order directly via card

  • Accept any Credit and Debit card
  • Get paid immediately via Stripe Connect
  • Secure online payments
Accept contactless payments

Customer Log

Lot of countries, have legal requirement to keep log of their customers, for Covid tracking reasons

  • Customers can register them selfs
  • Manage the visits on your own
  • Powerful export / report functionality
Keep it safe

Simple Pricing

Start free and fell in love in our pro features

USD 15 /month

Plan I

If you run a small shop or bar, or just need the basics, this plan is great.

  • Full access to QR tool
  • Access to the menu creation tool
  • Unlimited views
  • 30 items in the menu
  • Community support
USD 35 /month

Plan II

For bigger shops and bars. Offer a full menu. Limitless plan

  • Full access to QR tool
  • Access to the menu creation tool
  • Unlimited views
  • Unlimited items in the menu
  • 300 orders per month
  • Dedicated Support
USD 59 /month

Plan III

Accept orders directly from your customer mobile phone

  • Accept Orders
  • Manage order
  • Full access to QR tool
  • Access to the menu creation tool
  • Unlimited views
  • Unlimited items in the menu
  • Unlimited orders
  • Dedicated Support

Restaurants and Bars that love our QRs

Used by top restaurants worldwide

"We use FoodTiger to protect our visitors. Dirty old menus are a thing from the past. So far clients report no issues. And they love our new online menu."

- James Curran

Brooklyn Taco

"FoodTiger was the perfect tool for the COVID situation. We should go earlier to this type of menu."

- Richard Thomas

Burger 2Go

"No more printing and reprinting for some small mistake in our menu or price change. We love what FoodTiger have provided."

- Jessica Evans

Awang Italian shop

"Clients are happy. They can see that we are a responsible bar and their health is a priority. No more old dirty menus :D. All they need is their phone."

- Jason Edwards

Malibu Diner

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